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Overweight Freight

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Heavy payloads and over sized freight can pose special challenges for shippers as each heavy haul trucking project comes with a variety of complications & special requirements.

Overweight Freight

The challenges associated with shipping and transporting oversized loads include both finding the right equipment for moving heavy machinery, as well as obtaining the necessary permits required for moving a shipment.

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You are typically required to provide special route planning because of the added weight or size that can be associated with an oversized load. ShipMyMachinery.com offers heavy haul trucking service for transporting shipments of heavy or oversized machinery within the continental United States and Canada.



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Shipments containing freight or other large items are known as Oversize or Overweight load shipments. These types of shipments exceed the maximum size limits that are legally set for specific trailers types. In order to transport oversize and overweight load shipments you will typically have to obtain special permits prior to transport.